Soluna was founded solely to preserve Argentina’s threatened tradition of small, family owned vineyards through fairtrade. Our 100% fairtrade commitment means every bottle of Soluna will directly improve the living conditions of our small farmers as well as the community.

Our logo and name Soluna reflects our mission: the union of the polarities of the sun (sol in Spanish) and the moon (luna) just as fairtrade bridges the divide between the rich and the poor, between the ‘developed’ and the ‘developing’ world.

But we also know fairtrade is only sustainable if we produce a superior tasting wine. That is why we have partnered with one of Argentina’s oldest wine producing families, the Furlottis, and recruited internationally acclaimed local winemakers, the Durigutti brothers. The result is wine that is the first choice for consumers who are committed to both social justice and premium quality wine.

Soluna is part of the Fairtrasa family, which exports quality fairtrade and organic produce and wine from Latin America’s smallest farmers around the world as a path developing a sustainable world.