Soluna offers you a unique way to invest in fairtrade.

Your investment will support the small farmers and wineries that preserve the tradition of local winemaking in Argentina. And every year we will ship you a case of Soluna Primus so you can enjoy the direct results of your investment.

As part of Fairtrasa, one of Latin America’s first fairtrade companies, you can be confident of Soluna’s social commitment and our professional business practices. We guarantee your funds will be invested in our farming communities and in producing superior wines.

The price per share is US $5,000 (CHF 5,000) and entitles you a case (12 bottles) every year of our Soluna Primus, our gran reserve available only to our investors. You will also be invited to be part of the Soluna family with discounted stays at our partner hotel and exclusive winery and vineyard tours and tastings.

To learn more about our social investment program, contact

“We offer the first share program in the world where you can directly invest in fairtrade and be guaranteed your funds will be used for sustainable development.”

-Patrick Strübi, Managing Director