The story of the Bodega Furlotti winery begins with Ángel Furlotti, a poor Italian farmer who immigrated to Argentina in 1899. Working odd jobs, Ángel eventually became a contratista in Mendoza and rose to first rent and then buy his own vineyards.

With the help of Ángel’s wife and their 10 children, the vineyards prospered and the family started producing their own wine. At Ángel’s death in 1944, his children were running a thriving business that at its height had over 3,000 hectares of land producing fruit, olives and nearly 4,000 hectoliters of wine. The family took a leading role in developing the wine and agriculture industries in Mendoza and built a local hospital.

The Furlotti fortunes turned with the economic crises that rocked Argentina in the 1970s. Coupled with the retirement of many of the Furlottis, the family decided to sell their business in 1979. All that remained was one of the four wineries that was until recently rented to Achaval Ferrer, one of Argentina’s most notable wines.

As a founding partner in Soluna, Ángel’s granddaughter Gabriela Furlotti brings her extensive knowledge of the region and wine production to the newly renovated Bodega Furlotti where she hopes to revive one of Argentina’s most famous names in wine.

“I feel proud of producing wine in the same winery as my Grandfather. With our premium fairtrade wine, we continue not only my family’s winemaking tradition but also help Mendoza’s small family vineyards survive as well.”

-Gabriela Furlotti, President